I offer two types of editing services:

When proofreading, I always go through the manuscript twice, to ensure that I catch every error.

Line editing looks at the more subtle aspects of style on the small-scale level of individual words, sentences, and paragraphs. It will help your prose flow smoothly so that the reader encounters no “bumps” along the way that distract from the content.

Typical line edits include tightening the prose by deleting unnecessary words or repetitive phrases, restructuring grammatically awkward sentences, and working with you to clarify spots where the meaning is unclear.

When line editing, I always strive to retain each writer’s individual style.

I typically use Track Changes to make corrections, suggestions, and comments to your Word document. If you like, I can also send a version with all the changes implemented, so you can see how it will read if you make all the suggested changes.

For new clients, I suggest starting with a single chapter, short story, or article to make sure we’re a good match before committing to a book-length manuscript.

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