“Nancy Adams is the Queen of Grammar in my book. She cleaned up my manuscript and made it into a professional-looking document that I could use to go forth and conquer the world.”

Tess Collins


“Nancy’s help was invaluable in finishing and polishing my manuscript. As promised, she caught grammar and punctuation errors that other experienced eyes had missed. But she also had a keen eye for the pacing and phrasing of my book, and offered the help I asked for in cutting words without loss of meaning or complexity. Nancy worked speedily, and engaged in dialogue over problems as needed. She offered both praise and constructive criticism. I recommend her most highly.”

Yves Fey
Author of FLOATS THE DARK SHADOW, coming September, 2012


“I’ve worked with Nancy, and she’s a fantastic proofreader. It’s a difficult skill to master, but Nancy has done it!”

Gigi Pandian
Author of ARTIFACT: A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery (August 28, 2012)
Winner of the Malice Domestic Grant


“Nancy is one of my beta readers and a critique partner. Her insights and suggestions have helped me make my manuscript stronger and clearer. I’m confident my work has a better chance of getting an agent because of her help.  Thanks, Nancy!”

Alyx Morgan
Author of “Sarah and the Other Woman: A Private Eye Patterson Mystery”


“Nancy is a highly efficient and well-organized editor with an excellent eye for detail. Not only was she easy to work with, she made many skilled observations that allowed me to better develop concepts with clearer language. I highly recommend her editing service.”

Amie Winters writes middle-grade mystery with an element of fantasy.

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