Make Your Manuscript Gleam

My specialty is working with small-scale details, not merely errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar, but stylistic tweaks that will make your prose sound professional and polished.

I work only with writers of fiction, particularly in the genres of mystery and suspense, though I am happy to consider other genres of fiction as well. I do not edit non-fiction, but highly recommend my colleague Jeron Frame (jframe at eastern dot edu) for editing non-fiction work.

Recently I’ve begun to offer web design services as well.

At the moment, I am accepting only a limited number of new clients, fiction writers only. For details, please click the submissions page.

If you are interested in a large-scale overview of your work rather than an edit that focuses on small-scale details, I highly recommend developmental editor Ramona Defelice Long (

For more information, please click the pages listed above.